Want a Tardigrade Tough iPhone background? Just right click> save as. My gift to you (for personal use only)

Are you feeling tardigrade tough? Like, withstand all of the harshest tests life can throw at you -tough?

You guys, I have talked at length how neat I think these critters are. They are hardy as all get-out. They can survive the unsurvivable, and a lot of people are cottoning on to that idea for strength when times are tough. A lot of scientifically-minded people are just fascinated by how tenacious they are— this here is an example of life, with DNA just like ours, that can handle conditions too extreme for most other forms of life. What makes them so adaptable? It’s a mystery and a miracle.

And look, tardigrades are funny looking— that snoot! But they have their own kind of charm. Look at this gif:


I’m developing a little reputation for cute character design with unusual animals, and my little Tardigrade Tough graphic has gotten a fair amount of attention. You can grab a t-shirt, phone case, or mug with the original design, and now I have a Special Edition enamel pin:

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