In the past I’ve tried to do Do-a-Thing-Every-Day challenges and I’ve always had a very hard time finishing them. I finally managed to finishe #100monsters once I let go of the idea that it had to be done in 100 consecutive days.

And yet! Here we are again. This month I’m doing a shirt marathon (well, a new product marathon, anyway) over in the shop

. I’m launching a new line of products featuring more text, more quick-wittedness, and more designs with popular appeal called Doodly Doo to compliment the existing Sharptooth Snail line.

So what’s a shirt marathon? I want to get as many designs as I can think of up as quickly as possible to launch the line, so I’m charging forward. It won’t necessarily be every day (I work over in Hollywood two days a week doing graphic design for these guys, so probably won’t be able to get much done on those days), but on the on-days it’ll be more than one design at a time.

Will I make it to 100? Stay tuned and find out!

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