This is a roundup of all the neat new things I’ve discovered this month.

Podcast: Holy F*cking Science

A new podcast by the inimitable Hank Green and SciShow crew, HFS is an hour-ish-long podcast where grown adults talk about the science news that excites them, often while enjoying adult beverages. Bill Nye has said something to the effect that there needs to be more science education aimed at adults, who can vote, and need to see the value in science in order to keep it funded. I think this is part of that pursuit. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s really nice to hear other people talk about science stuff the way my friends and I do:

Also in video form on YouTube if you’re into that sort of thing:

Podcast: The Honest Designers Show

Quote: “Serious Writers write, inspired or not. Over time they discover that routine is a better friend than inspiration” -Ralph Keyes

Gadget:  Silhouette Cameo 3 (and Planner Hell)

I pooled all my birthday money and used it to buy a Silhouette Cameo, a device I have been coveting for years. I’ve only had a few chances to use it so far, but it was really easy to set up, and it’s really fun to use. I’ve designed a few cut files of my own, which I will make available soon, and used a bunch of freebies I found online. I’ll post a more complete review soon.

This is all a part of my descent into the world of decorative planners, which I affectionately call Planner Hell. More on that very soon.

Video: Dabchick

You may have seen some of Barnaby Dixon’s puppetry in the form of Manu, one of his other characters who has gotten a lot of international attention. I’ve been digging his series featuring an earlier character, Dabchick. Fair warning, though, these shorts aren’t for kids.


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