The James Webb Space Telescope: Art +Science show is opening to the public March 3rd and running through the middle of April. I am privileged to be in some really amazing company, so if you have the ability to get out to the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, you absolutely should. If you can’t, the online gallery is here.

Photo courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. I’m practically in the center of this photo, on the floor in the red skull sweater.

I have two pieces in this show— the first is the Peer Deep Into the Past poster which I have already revealed, and the other is an eight-page comic collection with reflections on the trip and thoughts on image-taking and craftsmanship called What I Can See. Once the show opens I’ll be posting those comics pages online (though Patrons can see them all, including a bonus page or two, right now).

I made a couple of zines with extra-fancy gold foil covers. One of them should be on view at the show:

If you’re subscribed to Sharptooth Snail Mail, the comic, and a postcard-sized print of the poster is included in your February box.

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