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Hire Me to Make Neat Things for You

You Have a Doodle on a Scrap of Paper. I Can Help You Turn it Into a Real Thing!


Here’s a short list of things I have done for people in the past. Do you need one of these services? Have an idea but don’t know how to execute it? I’m very good at making charming and useful things for people, and I’ve also got a lot of research under my belt in getting things manufactured. If you’ve got a thing in your head you want made real, let me help you do it!

Sculpting and Casting

I hand-sculpt my figures from wax or polymer clay and cast multiples in silicone molds using durable polyurethane resin. My figures can be dyed any color or hand-painted for something extra special.

I offer my handmade resin toys up for adoption as I make them on Sharptooth Snail, but if you have something special in mind, perhaps as wedding favors or cake toppers, special event gifts, or something unique for someone in particular, get in touch and let’s talk about it!


Illustration and Design


I am generally available for illustration commissions. Do you:

  • have a special event and need custom illustration for invitations?
  • have a blog with cornerstone content you want to really stand out?
  • have a beloved pet whose portrait you would like taken?
  • want something charming and special made just for you and your family?
  • know what you want your logo to look like, but need someone to execute it for you?

Please get in touch with your idea and your timeline!

Also, a few times a year I offer “three-word commissions” at a special price. These are quick drawings made from your three-word prompt (or a short phrase. I’m pretty flexible). These drawings are a little more spontaneous, and a little looser than a regular commission, and as such, you won’t see them until they’re finished. I want you to be pleasantly surprised. Keep an eye on this listing to see when three-word commissions are available.


Enamel Pins, Buttons, Badges, Patches

Design and Production

A great gift item for special events (think wedding favors!). If you have a napkin-drawing of what you want I can help you turn it into a real enamel pin or patch and get it manufactured! I’ve already got a supply chain in place for manufacturing and fulfillment so you don’t have to spend a bunch of time researching; let me take care of it for you.

I can also produce 1.25″ round buttons for your event, club, giveaways or whatever you need. Bring me your completed design or I can help you get your idea ready for production.



CNC Cutting: Vinyl Stickers, Papercraft, etc

Your family is not a series of stick figures. You’re more unique than that.

I can cut vinyl decals from your vector art, or I can help you digitize something and get it ready for cutting, either by me or you.


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