I have a fever; I reserve the right
to be a giant baby about it.
Took a long nap; I’ll be up all night,
my muscles sore, and feeling kinda shit.
Made sure to stock my home with easy snacks
Because I knew I wouldn’t want to cook.
Immune system is learning the attacks
to beat the virus. Curl up with a book
and drink a lot of water, so they said.
(Which means I have to pee like all the time)
I wonder if I’ll get work done in bed
beyond a bit of silly metered rhyme?
But I’d do it again, the year we’ve had.
It’s never felt so good to feel so bad.


*notes on this one: I had all of the reactions and a high fever for several days. That means you know an outlier, and statistically you’ll have milder reactions than I did. Go get vaccinated.

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