Oh man, it’s one of those weeks where I made a lot of things, but most of them I can’t show yet. But I did finish one thing. One very large thing. The giant, purple Albatross that’s been around my neck and taking up space in my little office corner for a year and I half (ridiculous, I know). The Table is finished and in place!


It’s made from reclaimed 2x6s and a single sheet of plywood, and I designed it myself in SketchUp. Not fine furniture, but it does the job. I basically doubled my usable footprint by adding this to my space (there was an old coffee table in this space before, doing an excellent impersonation of a shelf), which means things that have been floating now have a home, and I feel less like a hoarder with piles and piles of projects threatening to fall on me. This picture is from before I organized everything and consolidated all my resin stuff down from three cardboard boxes into one convenient tote (and finished ones have a separate little tote, where they can snuggle together while waiting for homes). It is such a relief

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