Answers to Some FAQs about the Superb Owl:

Yes, I know about the Stephen Colbert thing. He got it from twitter, as did I. It’s at least three years old, because that was the first time I did it

This is a barn owl. I opened it up to voting on social media and got a 50-50 vote for either a barn ow or a snowy owl and, frankly, I was intimidated by all the white, so I chose this guy (also I like their little heart-faces). It’s in ink wash on 11×15 watercolor paper.

I’m putting it up for auction on ebay! I’ve never done an ebay auction before, so I just wanted to see what would happen. I’m going to donate a third of the sale price to a wildlife center that cares for owls, but I don’t know which yet. I’m looking at places in my new/old hometown of Los Angeles, as well as Denver, CO, since their team won the game, and I’m happy to take suggestions (particularly from the winner!)