Special Edition Otterypops

Hand Painted resin otters by Veronica Guzzardi

Hand Painted Resin Otters by Veronica GuzzardiThis past winter I had someone contact me about painting up some realistic Otterypops as a Christmas gift. I enjoyed the process and I think they came out really cute. I’ve had a handful of inquiries about them since then after posting pictures on my facebook page, so I think it’s high time to announce that I’m going to be releasing a few of these periodically through the year.

This is officially an Open Edition. The first two are un-numbered and the rest will begin from #3. They’ll be signed on the bottom and will come with an adoption certificate as do the rest of my resin critters.

Because they’re handmade, each one is unique and they take more time to make so I’ll only release a few at a time. The best way to know when they’re coming is to join my mailing list.


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