Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to me, and I want you to be able to have control over whether I collect your information, and what information I collect. This outlines, to the best of my knowledge, how your data is used by me.

Target Audience

I live in the United States, and as such, my content is tailored for a United States audience.

Your Personal Information (ConvertKit and Mailchimp)

Your name and email address are collected when you request a free download or sign up to join the mailing list. I only collect first and last name, and email address. I use ConvertKit and Mailchimp to administer my mailing list, both of which are compliant with the GDPR. I will ask you to consent to receive emails from me using a checkbox when you request downloads or sign up for the mailing list. You can unsubscribe from my mailing list at any time using the link in every email I send out. ConvertKit keeps a record of your info after you’ve unsubscribed in an archival capacity (I can see a record of what messages I sent you in the past, for instance, and that you unsubscribed). I can delete your info entirely. Please email me at if you’d like me to do this.


This site uses cookies to improve the browsing experience. You are in control of what cookies remain on your browser. To delete cookies for this site, search for “delete cookies on [your browser name]” and follow the instructions.

Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics to track visitors on this site. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect this data. In order to be compliant with the new regulation Google included a data processing amendment. The data I collect will be processed anonymously and “Data sharing” is disabled. I don’t use other Google services in combination with Google Analytics cookies on this site, but I may use Google AdWords for retargeting in the future.