The “Good Morning” Critters

I started an Instagram challenge with some friends to #DoodleEveryDayInAugust (which you should totally come do with us)

A lot of times I doodle an animal with a friendly greeting:

Good morning! #DoodleEveryDayInAugust #dogs #cute #doodle

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I know, totally shocking to learn that friendly animal doodles help me process my world, but I really think my day goes better when I include the Good Morning doodle into my startup routine instead of, say, leaving my daily drawing to the last thing I manage to get to at night. I’m also finding committing to pen without sketching is freeing me up and I’m coming out with better ideas. In pencil, I noodle around and draw a lot of circles and feel like I don’t know how to draw and am the least creative person ever to live.  (to be fair, in pen I draw a lot of octopuses, so I don’t know how creative that necessarily is. But at least it’s a thing as opposed to a bunch of purposeless marks)

A doodly #octopus from a few weeks ago

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What do you doodle when you do?

Kraken in Color

kraken sockpuppet fullcolor11x17


100monsters15I just found out recently that the correct plural of “octopus” is either “octopuses” or “octopodes.” “Octopi” is a mix of Greek and Latin, which is incorrect. However you pluralize them, I draw a lot of them.

Earlier this year, in my #100monsters project, I did this little drawing. I and a lot of other people like the character so much that when I offered the first 30 up for sale, it sold immediately twice over. I offered the second person a sequel drawing, in which he dragged the ship down to the bottom of the ocean for a snuggle. I recently did a much larger version in color, which I just finished:

kraken sockpuppet fullcolor11x17

This version is going to be available in an 11×17 print very soon.


Hello Ganymede


A slow invasion of out planet has been underway for about a year, and the mothership has landed



Ganymede is my biggest resin figure yet. He’s roughly 6 inches tall and in addition to his translucent, glittery body, he also glows in the dark!

Ganymede will be a limited edition of just ten figures in this size, and because of the hand-painting they will be released on at a time in my shop in various colors. As is my wont, I’m keeping the first one; the next color will be a sea-green.

Deep Dreaming with Google

My buddy Seth mentioned in passing that people were playing with some kind of visualization engine called “Deep Dream.” I went looking for more information about it and found this article and these two applications. I had to try it, so I went digging around my blog images folder for something sufficiently weird. I hope this fits the bill:


Yes, I am running the same image through both applications; I want to see whether there’s a difference. One of them might take as much as a week to process. I’m hoping the combination of the photograph and the line drawing will net some spectacular results. I’ll update as soon as I have them.

EDIT: I have it! And I have since found another engine that runs faster, and after four or five iterations, I ended up with this horror:


Tumblr Broke up With Me


I was in LA last week, and sometime during the 11-hour drive back home, my account was terminated on tumblr, ostensibly for “spam or affiliate marketing.” Right after I gave out a business card to several dozen people with my tumblr blog URL on it. Awesome. (incidentally, is now pointing here)

Now, the truth is I’m not sure whether I used any affiliate links on a tumblr post or not. I have an Amazon Associates account and I have an affiliate account at Craftsy and I probably forgot that using them on tumblr is verboten. (EDIT (7/29/2015): After asking tumblr to give me an example of a post they considered spam or affiliate marketing, they reinstated my tumblr and apologized to me. Apparently I just got caught in a filter.)

I’m a little surprised at my relative calm about the whole situation. I’m a bit embarrassed, sure, and kind of miffed about how unceremoniously all that work was just…gone. Like, ooh! I had 613 followers! That’s a lot! And now I only have two (yeah, I went back already, but mostly to follow my pals and a really embarrassing amount of Sherlock and Sailor Moon analysis). But it got me thinking about my priorities and what “all that work” really was. Amassing followers on tumblr was fun and there was definitely some kind of dopamine hit associated with it, but it really didn’t do much to further my goals as an artist/illustrator/maker of stuff. Those of you who found me over there and joined my mailing list for the free goodies and fun times have been amazing to get to know, and the other 600-odd followers were basically just checkmarks (read: they never bought anything and never reblogged my stuff).

And, I’ve been thinking over the last two days about tumblr’s policy on forbidding affiliate marketing, while encouraging people to post there about their Etsy shops and Kickstarter campaigns by automatically including big friendly green “buy” buttons when the post includes links to those sites. It’s a clear judgement on the value and quality of one kind of link over the other, which ulitmately, I can’t say I disagree with.

As I said, I am still on tumblr, using a different email address (I had an account specifically for posting Animal Crossing screenshots that I’m now using as an everything-tumblr). But, as I should have been doing this whole time, my regular blogging will happen here. I had this thought the last time I re-did my portfolio that this would be for big, serious, professional blogging, and that mostly meant I only rarely posted anything. So I’m gonna get real loose with it again, and see what happens. Hell, maybe I’ll even turn comments on, and make it a proper blog-blog.



Finally! One-Stop Shopping

It’s taken me a long while to work this out, but I’ve now got a printing partner and can offer my shirts and mugs and things to you directly through my Sharptooth Snail shop along with all my handmade things!

See more at the shop! I’ll be adding old favorites and new designs here before anywhere else from now on, and I should be able to keep the prices nice and competitive.