So other than owls, what kind of animals should I make into lead-free pewter jewelry? #pewter #pocketowls #makestuff

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I was just drafting my 2016 State of the Artist on New Year’s Eve, when my regular working computer crashed hard. Like, data-recovery-because-I-failed-to-make-a-backup-for-three-years hard. I’m taking it in next week to see if I can pay someone an exorbitant amount of money to mitigate my foolishness.

But that’s all last year’s troubles. Let’s talk about this year!

As you can see, I’m going to start casting some lead-free pewter jewelry. I’m just getting my new studio set up and hope to have that work up in the shop in the spring.

There is something a little refreshing about starting the new year without any of my old work available to me. I feel a bit naked, but I also feel like I have an opportunity to start a whole new body of work, and that’s pretty neat!

I saw Star Wars with some old pals, and I’m going again tonight. I really enjoyed it. I expect there to be fanart. Watch my Instagram.


What I Made Last Week

Oh man, it’s one of those weeks where I made a lot of things, but most of them I can’t show yet. But I did finish one thing. One very large thing. The giant, purple Albatross that’s been around my neck and taking up space in my little office corner for a year and I half (ridiculous, I know). The Table is finished and in place!


It’s made from reclaimed 2x6s and a single sheet of plywood, and I designed it myself in SketchUp. Not fine furniture, but it does the job. I basically doubled my usable footprint by adding this to my space (there was an old coffee table in this space before, doing an excellent impersonation of a shelf), which means things that have been floating now have a home, and I feel less like a hoarder with piles and piles of projects threatening to fall on me. This picture is from before I organized everything and consolidated all my resin stuff down from three cardboard boxes into one convenient tote (and finished ones have a separate little tote, where they can snuggle together while waiting for homes). It is such a relief