My ongoing adventures cheerleading for the most powerful telescope we have ever made.

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Tardigrade Tough Starter Pack

Hope in the form of a tiny, eight-legged microbial pig-thing

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March Favorites — Pottymouth Edition

This is a roundup of all the neat new things I've discovered this month. Podcast: Holy F*cking Science A new podcast by the inimitable Hank Green and SciShow crew, HFS is an hour-ish-long podcast where grown adults talk about the science news that excites them, often...

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Painting a Platypus

A couple of weeks ago, I painted up some animals for my friend Garrett's son's nursery. I took a timelapse of the process: I actually designed the characters digitally, and applied a transfer to the plywood to paint over. It worked out pretty well. I want to refine...

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Five Things to Do When Someone Criticizes Your Art

Hello, young artist. I saw you on a forum, timidly asking how to deal with people who leave rude and critical comments on your art. You got a lot of answers, and I thought I would weigh in. I'm not the world's most skilled artist, but I've been around the block a few...

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Exit Through the Gift Shop

If you’re in to what you’re seeing here, you’ve got to come check out sharptoothsnail.com, my online shop. You’ll find art toys, pins, t-shirts, prints, comics and all the goodies I make here. If you’re the sort of person who thinks the very fact of the universe is a stinkin’ miracle, you’re likely to find a charming expression of that inside!

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