Well, hello there.

I bet you saw my email address and checked to see if I have a website.

I’m an illustrator, designer, and professional ridiculous person.

This is my personal site. It will take you to all the other places.

Custom Team T-Shirts for Team Tardigrade!

A couple of months ago a team doing a fitness challenge at work got in touch and asked to use my tardigrade for their team mascot. I made them a special version that said "Team Tardigrade- Indestructible" on the banner, and they sent me this picture back! This is a...

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2018 Superb Owl Painting

Per tradition, I spent the Sunday of a large football game painting a bird, and this week I'm auctioning it off for charity! 55% of the sale will benefit the Antelope Valley Conservancy, which works to preserve the Antelope Valley watershed (which borders three...

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The Weird Animal Dropbox

Every now and then someone I know will say to me "I found out about this neat weird animal and immediately thought of you," to which I'll reply "cool, tell me about it." So I thought to myself It might be a good idea to make a handy form to allow people to tell me...

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Exit Through the Gift Shop

If you’re in to what you’re seeing here, you’ve got to come check out sharptoothsnail.com, my online shop. You’ll find art toys, pins, t-shirts, prints, comics and all the goodies I make here. If you’re the sort of person who thinks the very fact of the universe is a stinkin’ miracle, you’re likely to find a charming expression of that inside!